The Ministry

Zion Willingham is the author of Trigger Warning, Natural Health and Divine Healing, Take Your Life Back from Familiar Spirits, and the Battle Plan series. She has a unique focus on prayer with special attention to individuals with deep soul wounds and abuse.

Zion is based in South Carolina, yet her prayers are sent worldwide.

Battle Plan Series

Feb 24, 2020

Warfare Prayer Books

Night Battle Plan, New Every Morning, Surely He Shall Deliver, Mad As Hell

You will win in Jesus name!

Arise to Manifest Series

God’s Spectacle: Discerning The Apostolic Call

Come Out Of The Cave: Are you a Prophet?

Beautiful Feet: Are You An Evangelist

Precept Upon Precept: Are you called to teach?

The Good Shepherd: Are you a Pastor?

These books are discuss the five-fold ministry and its operation.

Natural Health and Divine Healing Series

Biblical Natural Health and Divine Healing

Love Alive Cookbook

Love Alive Comfort Food Cookbook

Broken Pieces Series

All My Broken Pieces

Blessed Are The Brokenhearted

Trigger Warning